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feeling 687  stanford yerger  03/22/2021 07:33PM 
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What did OSCAR and ISCAR represent? 352  Tim Collins  03/17/2021 11:44AM 
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best guides    Pages: 1 2 845  24  Phil Ewanicki  03/25/2021 11:23AM 
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KR Concept KB/KT running guide questions....and help with reduction train. 593  Ernie Blum  03/18/2021 02:04PM 
Last Post by chris c nash
Phenix Iron Feather 431  Doug Schreiber  03/16/2021 06:31PM 
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Thread Color on An Older G. Loomis NRX? 391  Donald R Campbell  03/17/2021 03:47PM 
Last Post by Scott Hovanec
Casting and Fly Rod........together???? 500  Theron @ American Tackle  03/16/2021 11:35AM 
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Strap and ring hook keeper 602  13  Christopher Zucker  03/17/2021 07:56PM 
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Match Guides 455  David Sytsma  03/15/2021 04:44PM 
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Decal Ghost 486  Scott Grady  03/15/2021 11:56AM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Lathe help 549  Capt. Craig Freeman  03/16/2021 11:28AM 
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Bamboo Fly Rod Rebuilding 448  Donald Albrecht  03/19/2021 12:24PM 
Last Post by Phil Ewanicki
Liquid Fusion 490  Justin Jones  03/15/2021 02:16PM 
Last Post by Bill Sidney
How tight is too tight on aluminum ferrules? 301  Jasper Coutu  03/14/2021 10:22PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Fluke rod 487  John Sansevera  03/22/2021 11:42PM 
Last Post by Arthur Amaral
Length of rear grip? 615  Ernie Blum  03/14/2021 07:11PM 
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Something new 479  David Baylor  03/16/2021 01:14AM 
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Rookie mistake 676  10  Stan Vogel  03/15/2021 07:12AM 
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Old Rod Blank #.2200 9 375  Bob Jordan  03/13/2021 11:41PM 
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What's going on with Pflueger? 681  zachary guyach  03/14/2021 12:54PM 
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Nfc 709 vs 739 action 459  Darwin Wong  03/15/2021 05:28PM 
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Carbon Fiber Maniform Grip 424  Ladd Flock  03/13/2021 03:37PM 
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First CARL 596  10  ben belote  03/17/2021 12:25AM 
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Common cents 454  Mark D Schulte  03/13/2021 05:55PM 
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Rod tube DIY question 642  16  Derik Lee  03/16/2021 08:52AM 
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Winning Rod 530  Theron @ American Tackle  03/20/2021 06:08AM 
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Amazing how long we have been here at rodbuilding.org 567  Mark D Schulte  03/14/2021 11:01AM 
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Real seats: how durable are graphite reel seats? 500  Audun Lange  03/18/2021 08:07AM 
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1 to 2 piece rod conversion help 430  Steve Chontos  03/15/2021 12:47AM 
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Another KL-H guide question 631  14  John Durbin  03/29/2021 05:48AM 
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shipping damage 572  John Sansevera  03/14/2021 07:48PM 
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Choosing reel for new surf rod 6500v7500 327  Justin hipperling  03/13/2021 04:15AM 
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WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT 596  Theron @ American Tackle  03/12/2021 06:13PM 
Last Post by Steven Libby
Who's Gearing Up for Travel? 426  Batson Enterprises  03/10/2021 03:44PM 
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Clear coating for rod signature 440  Albert Daddario  03/10/2021 05:56PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
DIY lathe question. Rollers/bearings 405  Justin Jones  03/10/2021 06:11PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
Registration Validation 396  Tom Kirkman  03/10/2021 11:09AM 
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Alps Chuck in Renzetti Lathe 433  Tony Fernandez  03/11/2021 12:46PM 
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Embroidery thread 471  Mike Moore  03/09/2021 09:17PM 
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NFL logo decals - nail art? 475  Ken Brown 2  03/12/2021 09:57AM 
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Anglers Resource is the new home for ULTRA Poly 535  Jim Ising  03/10/2021 10:50AM 
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Spinning rod for Crappie 562  Steven Bloomfield  03/26/2021 11:14PM 
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Reel seat size for penn 7500ss 333  Justin hipperling  03/08/2021 05:36PM 
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Hard Jerkbait Rod Properties 561  Aaron Petersen  03/16/2021 12:23PM 
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To trigger, or not? 501  12  Kendall Cikanek  03/17/2021 09:18AM 
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exposed reel seat and NFC X-Ray texture 614  Darwin Wong  03/10/2021 07:58AM 
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Source for bamboo expertise and blanks? 525  Michael Danek  03/08/2021 10:46AM 
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Alps and pac bay wrapper bed 417  Mark D Schulte  03/06/2021 05:09PM 
Last Post by Spencer Phipps
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