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Pro kote entire rod blank? 340  Ted Taylor  08/12/2019 06:56AM 
Last Post by Michael Danek
Removing a reel seat 309  10  Fred Kneipp  08/22/2019 12:03PM 
Last Post by Tim Veale
Varnish an old spinning rod 244  Charles John  08/16/2019 06:03AM 
Last Post by Charles John
Light Musky Blank 270  Peter Yawn  08/12/2019 08:16AM 
Last Post by Bob McKamey
Spin Guide Size for 3-4 Weight fly Line 255  Mark Talmo  08/10/2019 02:13AM 
Last Post by Mark Talmo
Microwave 30 guideset 249  Pat Majeski  08/09/2019 04:44PM 
Last Post by Don @ American Tackle
CCS question 268  Gary Kilmartin  08/10/2019 09:08PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
gold frame fly guides 215  Terry Kirk  08/09/2019 11:08AM 
Last Post by Spencer Phipps
10' musky blank 224  Michael Tuma  08/09/2019 06:01PM 
Last Post by Phil Erickson
Looking for Info on Thread and Color Preserver etc 368  Bob Ginther  08/10/2019 08:06PM 
Last Post by Bert Dluhy
Difference between Fuji DPSM and DPSSD? 281  Bob Ginther  08/08/2019 09:22PM 
Last Post by herb canter
Best ice rod guides? 294  Mattias Svensson  08/09/2019 01:15PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
crooked reel seat 433  19  David Sytsma  08/09/2019 01:25PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
MIke Pedersen ( contact ) 401  Marco Antonio  08/08/2019 08:55PM 
Last Post by Marco Antonio
A Sincere Thank You 473  10  Mark Talmo  08/12/2019 06:37PM 
Last Post by Lynn Behler
New 4 Spool Thread Carriages - Available @ Mud Hole 281  Mud Hole Custom Tackle  08/10/2019 12:36PM 
Last Post by Marcos Rodriguez
Acrylic Winding Check makers 391  Thomas Bell  08/22/2019 02:23PM 
Last Post by Lynn Behler
Rod Blank Identification. 255  Mark Mulanax  08/07/2019 06:34AM 
Last Post by Bill Hickey
New ALPS LowRider Guides are in Stock! 293  James Taylor  08/06/2019 05:37PM 
Last Post by James Taylor
R.B Meiser 434  Mark Emaus  08/06/2019 10:22PM 
Last Post by Andrew kelly
Best epoxy over decals? 479  14  Steve Colvin  08/06/2019 10:19PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Identifying a ros blank 309  Derick Jahnke  08/12/2019 09:16AM 
Last Post by Derick Jahnke
Up to 50% Off Clearance Blanks Just Updated @ Mud Hole 373  Mud Hole Custom Tackle  08/05/2019 10:47AM 
Last Post by Mud Hole Custom Tackle
Bushido Fly Blanks 343  Mark Warnke  08/10/2019 04:10PM 
Last Post by david taylor
Why is St. Croix leaving Rod building market and what 5wt rod blank manufacturers are recommended? 785  17  Russ Amato  08/21/2019 10:37AM 
Last Post by Jeff Eller
Cork Grip with Spacers 399  13  John_McCormick  08/10/2019 04:04PM 
Last Post by Mark Blabaum
Rod blank repair 397  14  Adam Ganshirt  08/06/2019 05:41PM 
Last Post by Michael Danek
Signing new rod with decal 394  Shawn Giguere  08/06/2019 07:47PM 
Last Post by Shawn Giguere
New to the forum.. 333  Shawn Giguere  08/04/2019 07:03PM 
Last Post by Bill Sidney
More Sale Prices 457  Ron Schneider  08/03/2019 08:45AM 
Last Post by Ron Schneider
Best drop shot setup needed 541  11  Glenn McMurrian  08/08/2019 08:51AM 
Last Post by Randy Kruger
Upgraded Alps Chuck 290  Mike Thompson  08/02/2019 11:34PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
Intermediate Modulus Good or bad 477  10  Glenn McMurrian  08/07/2019 10:13PM 
Last Post by herb canter
Guide spacing 325  Zack Schmelter  08/07/2019 05:00PM 
Last Post by Lance Schreckenbach
small guides and loop to loop line junction 337  14  Tim Veale  08/15/2019 09:49AM 
Last Post by Tim Veale
Euro Nymphing Blanks 256  John_McCormick  08/02/2019 10:26AM 
Last Post by Herb Ladenheim
Need help with guide layout for 9' surf rod 274  Bob Ginther  08/03/2019 08:32PM 
Last Post by Norman Miller
Fly rod blank advice 358  Russell Brunt  08/06/2019 10:46AM 
Last Post by Drew Pollock
Light Flipping Blank 518  19  Denham Bruce  08/05/2019 10:50PM 
Last Post by Thomas Kaufmann
New Issue 407  Tom Kirkman  07/31/2019 05:19PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Powermatic model 90 448  11  Fernando Arellano  08/01/2019 09:35AM 
Last Post by roger wilson
Quickline vs Rainshadow 548  david taylor  08/02/2019 10:20AM 
Last Post by Bill Batson
Fly rod blank for spinning rod 486  15  Adam Ganshirt  08/05/2019 01:18PM 
Last Post by Chuck McIntyre
Loomis gl3 12/13 mega 3pc fly rod 193  Adam Ganshirt  07/29/2019 05:08PM 
Last Post by Adam Ganshirt
Riley Rods carbon fiber grips 366  Bob Ginther  07/29/2019 02:35PM 
Last Post by Bill Sidney
Getting finish into a double wrap 476  Ricardo Ortiz  08/01/2019 09:01PM 
Last Post by Anthony Unger
Lamiglas fly blanks 355  Mark D Schulte  07/28/2019 09:01PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Ques on making carbon fiber grips 430  14  Larry Berkovsky  08/01/2019 04:40PM 
Last Post by David Baylor
ECSM casting reel seat 303  Rocky Lohman  07/28/2019 05:02PM 
Last Post by Rocky Lohman
Pro Kote Consolidation 399  Dave Schappell  07/28/2019 11:12AM 
Last Post by ben belote
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