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when you need just a bit of XTRA..... strength 836  Kevin Landers  01/08/2023 01:01PM 
Last Post by Devin Murakami
Blank Recs Inshore MTK Boat 207  Francis Santangelo  01/08/2023 10:49AM 
Last Post by Francis Santangelo
My 1st rebuild 386  12  Francis Santangelo  01/07/2023 11:27AM 
Last Post by Francis Santangelo
Rodbuilding.org Android App to go live in 24hrs!    Pages: 1 2 794  26  Aleks Maslov  01/07/2023 12:31AM 
Last Post by El Bolinger
North fork blank problems?    Pages: 1 2 3 1,386  52  Brandon fennimore  01/06/2023 10:18PM 
Last Post by Brandon fennimore
Expo Exhibitor List and Floor Plan 263  Tom Kirkman  01/06/2023 09:41PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Exposed blank reel seats 386  12  Brandon fennimore  01/06/2023 06:56PM 
Last Post by Lynn Behler
How Light is Too Light for Rod Wraps? 498  11  Jasper Coutu  01/06/2023 06:16PM 
Last Post by Lance Schreckenbach
Microwave 20/6 stripper? 376  Fon Tze  01/06/2023 10:17AM 
Last Post by Don @ American Tackle
Rodgeeks issues    Pages: 1 2 2,573  29  Tom Wewerka  01/06/2023 02:24AM 
Last Post by David Tweedel
Cutting Down Reel Seat 322  11  Kevin Fiant  01/05/2023 08:34PM 
Last Post by Lynn Behler
GLUE!! 452  Don @ American Tackle  01/05/2023 07:33PM 
Last Post by Richard Bowers
spiral wrap question 466  11  Steve Perakis  01/05/2023 05:54PM 
Last Post by Mike Ballard
cutting down a rod 352  Kyle Sawyer  01/04/2023 11:32PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
how do you add pictures on this thing? 158  Francis Santangelo  01/04/2023 06:42PM 
Last Post by Phil Erickson
Euro Rod Guide Size & Placement 728  Conrad Deneault  01/04/2023 01:55PM 
Last Post by logan kellogg
Fine Tuning New Guide Concept Layouts 423  11  John Nesse  01/04/2023 10:08AM 
Last Post by Norman Miller
Fly rod reel seat weight 173  david taylor  01/04/2023 01:29AM 
Last Post by david taylor
Balancing Euro Nymphing Fly Rod 238  Mike Gabbay  01/03/2023 11:27PM 
Last Post by Jamie Midgley
Need recommendations 208  shawn storey  01/03/2023 11:04PM 
Last Post by shawn storey
guide foot adhesive    Pages: 1 2 1,110  26  Steve Chontos  01/03/2023 12:09PM 
Last Post by John Cates
Label Printer    Pages: 1 2 1,261  27  Trung Diep  01/03/2023 08:23AM 
Last Post by Steven Paris
exposed blank reel seats 357  14  Glenn Tucker  01/02/2023 09:12PM 
Last Post by Dean Veltman
Old Gudebrod winding thread. 394  10  Ernie Blum  01/02/2023 06:36PM 
Last Post by Lynn Behler
Photo upload problem 174  Phil Erickson  01/01/2023 06:17PM 
Last Post by Phil Erickson
American tackle adjustable grip 331  Brandon fennimore  12/31/2022 03:28PM 
Last Post by Brandon fennimore
Fly rod blank suggestion for river trout in CO 299  Eddie Anderson  12/31/2022 02:25PM 
Last Post by david taylor
Unfinished blank - scarring/pitting normal 314  Patrick Noll  12/31/2022 12:33PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
Get Bit Outdoors - Year End Sale! *Site Wide!! 311  Get Bit Outdoors.Com  12/30/2022 08:35PM 
Last Post by El Bolinger
Airbrushing small area on blank 385  Brandon fennimore  12/30/2022 08:27PM 
Last Post by Chris Catignani
Carbon Fiber Grips 512  11  Jason Kraft  12/30/2022 03:11PM 
Last Post by Ronald Atchley
Rod blank line wt. specs 240  Bart Smith  12/30/2022 12:47AM 
Last Post by El Bolinger
Epoxy Still Tacky - Not Drying 573  19  Dennis Penton  12/29/2022 07:22PM 
Last Post by Lynn Behler
Anybody curious? 692  17  Ernie Blum  12/29/2022 03:32PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Fuji RV6 462  12  Phillip Sykes  12/29/2022 09:11AM 
Last Post by Tim Scott
CCS, IP deviation 185  Thomas Bell  12/29/2022 07:25AM 
Last Post by Thomas Bell
Business phone line options... 223  Todd Radek  12/28/2022 09:47PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
More Expo Exhibitors 288  Tom Kirkman  12/28/2022 06:55PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Anyone build fixed-line rods (tenkara, keiryu, etc)? 476  Eric Garza  12/28/2022 01:30PM 
Last Post by Eric Garza
Lamiglas blank warranty? 255  Fon Tze  12/28/2022 09:48AM 
Last Post by Spencer Phipps
CCS Measuring Question - Guide orientation 201  Kevin Fiant  12/28/2022 07:41AM 
Last Post by Michael Danek
Dilemma with guides 554  Alfredo Sepulveda  12/28/2022 07:36AM 
Last Post by Alfredo Sepulveda
NEW USA MADE Stryker Blank models and sale! 485  Nate Langlo  12/28/2022 01:13AM 
Last Post by Fon Tze
NFC rod diameters 320  Glenn Tucker  12/27/2022 04:48PM 
Last Post by Glenn Tucker
NFC CB701 IM/SM/Delta current specs 425  16  Pawel Tymendorf  12/27/2022 09:19AM 
Last Post by Matt Ruggie
How do you do this to a grip? 770  15  El Bolinger  12/26/2022 02:57PM 
Last Post by Mark Blabaum
A proposal to improve blank/rod descriptions    Pages: 1 2 3 4 1,911  73  Michael Danek  12/26/2022 01:30PM 
Last Post by David Baylor
2023 International Custom Rod Building Exposition Update 254  Tom Kirkman  12/26/2022 09:37AM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Kistler Question 879  19  El Bolinger  12/26/2022 09:10AM 
Last Post by Mike Ballard
Action Angle (AA) sketch for clarification 278  Michael Danek  12/25/2022 04:09PM 
Last Post by Michael Danek
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