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Sticky: Solicitations 34,438  Tom Kirkman  08/31/2011 09:37AM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Sticky: MUST READ - How To Register and Log-in 144,395  Tom Kirkman  01/16/2009 05:22PM 
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Sticky: Complete Rules - Forum, Photos, Buy/Sell Pages 46,092  Tom Kirkman  01/16/2009 05:21PM 
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10’ Surf Rod Blank 37  Will Bedell  05/27/2024 11:51PM 
Last Post by Spencer Phipps
Next Level Rod Finish 1,175  13  Dennis Danku  05/27/2024 07:12PM 
Last Post by Lynn Behler
CCS Data Log    Pages: 1 ... 8 9 10 17,754  191  El Bolinger  05/27/2024 05:45PM 
Last Post by David Baylor
Has anyone ..... 1,404  18  David Baylor  05/27/2024 05:33PM 
Last Post by David Baylor
Metalic thread fade in in sun. 236  Glenn McMurrian  05/27/2024 03:24PM 
Last Post by Glenn McMurrian
Fly reel on a casting seat 156  Jeffrey Bersuch  05/27/2024 03:04PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Reel seat and fighting butt questions. 273  11  Ernie Blum  05/27/2024 11:19AM 
Last Post by david taylor
NFC Carbontex grips 267  Rick Boley  05/26/2024 02:59PM 
Last Post by Spencer Phipps
Adding a clutch between a wrapper motor and its drive pulley 139  roger wilson  05/26/2024 01:51PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
Carbon-tech reel seat 188  Rick Boley  05/26/2024 01:07PM 
Last Post by Spencer Phipps
Guide Sizes for low profile reel on cast rod 288  Brian Preston  05/26/2024 10:45AM 
Last Post by Les Cline
Help with guide selection for spiral wrap casting rod please 116  Ed Rose  05/26/2024 10:28AM 
Last Post by Les Cline
Color and Thread Suggestion 159  Tolo Mentes  05/26/2024 10:07AM 
Last Post by Mark Hahn
Spiral wrap a 2 piece rod? 332  Ed Rose  05/26/2024 09:19AM 
Last Post by Michael Danek
Help in building a feeder fishing rod 587  Tolo Mentes  05/26/2024 07:16AM 
Last Post by Tolo Mentes
Metalic thread fade 131  Glenn McMurrian  05/25/2024 10:37PM 
Last Post by Glenn McMurrian
Best Way To Cover Signature Area    Pages: 1 2 725  22  Bruce Tomaselli  05/25/2024 07:43PM 
Last Post by Lynn Behler
9ft Crappie Jigging Blank 227  Jeffrey Bersuch  05/25/2024 02:19PM 
Last Post by Jeffrey Bersuch
Rod ferrules 489  13  Ryan Edamatsu  05/25/2024 10:01AM 
Last Post by Robert A. Guist
VooDoo Signature Sac-A -Lait Blank 512  Steven Paris  05/25/2024 01:00AM 
Last Post by Jeffrey Bersuch
NFC SJ 703-1 (X-ray LMX C6O2) Sizing 202  Owen Mezger  05/24/2024 11:07PM 
Last Post by Owen Mezger
Anyone ever do a lake trout vertical jig build? 205  David Riesenbeck  05/24/2024 10:57PM 
Last Post by roger wilson
Salmon vs inshore blank 237  David Riesenbeck  05/24/2024 05:13PM 
Last Post by Russell Brunt
Follow up on two rods 270  Ed Rose  05/24/2024 04:30PM 
Last Post by Michael Danek
Compatible guides for Low Profile Reels 177  Brian Preston  05/24/2024 01:00AM 
Last Post by Spencer Phipps
Mike at Snake Brand Guides 241  Doug Noble  05/23/2024 08:59PM 
Last Post by Doug Noble
Fly reel seat 287  14  Todd Jensen  05/23/2024 07:02PM 
Last Post by Evan Cobb
New Issue 240  Tom Kirkman  05/23/2024 09:03AM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
Memorial Day Sale Starts Now! VOODOORODS.COM 271  VooDoo Rods  05/22/2024 09:31PM 
Last Post by VooDoo Rods
Running guide sizing 342  Andrew Neckermann  05/22/2024 04:32PM 
Last Post by David Baylor
The Sale for Every Rod Builder 330  Mud Hole Custom Tackle  05/22/2024 11:28AM 
Last Post by Mud Hole Custom Tackle
NFC Label Font 334  Logan Summers  05/21/2024 10:19PM 
Last Post by Kevin Fiant
NFC Mooching Pro 1063-2 Guide Spacing 201  Kevin Stull  05/21/2024 02:42PM 
Last Post by Kevin Stull
Stripper guide location on 10ft. 3 wt . ESN/Spey blank 307  david taylor  05/21/2024 10:32AM 
Last Post by Andrew Metzger
NFC FW701 or FW702 453  Rick Handrick  05/19/2024 05:16PM 
Last Post by Charlie Safley
Kdps 16 fuji thread cover 413  Jim Berry  05/19/2024 02:05PM 
Last Post by Jim Berry
Problems with CCS web site 387  Michael Danek  05/18/2024 11:34AM 
Last Post by Michael Danek
CTS FLYRODS 757  15  Mark Emaus  05/17/2024 07:58PM 
Last Post by Herb Ladenheim
Best ultra-light blank ever made 1,037  20  Jim Reinhardt  05/17/2024 11:02AM 
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NFC Fly blank - EPITOME C6O2 (CarbonAir)    Pages: 1 2 3 4 4,755  64  Ben Lori  05/17/2024 09:55AM 
Last Post by Mike Hubbert
Foam grip material 389  Brian Wight  05/16/2024 09:13AM 
Last Post by Dennis Danku
NFC SUR 1164,65, 67 blank weights 414  Derick Jahnke  05/15/2024 08:06AM 
Last Post by Derick Jahnke
thread color issue 547  Martin Smythe  05/14/2024 09:02PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
trying to slow down rod lathe 747  Roger-Huffman  05/14/2024 03:11PM 
Last Post by Tom Kirkman
More Sale items, others discounted even more. 429  Ron Schneider  05/14/2024 02:01PM 
Last Post by Ron Schneider
NFC sale 415  Terry Kirk  05/14/2024 01:23PM 
Last Post by Scott Appley
Search Tips or Tricks 424  Trevor Esparza  05/13/2024 09:11PM 
Last Post by Trevor Esparza
Actually 2 questions: winding checks and prowrap 839  18  jon tobey  05/13/2024 08:04AM 
Last Post by VooDoo Rods
Split Grip on flippen rod 381  Glenn McMurrian  05/12/2024 02:19PM 
Last Post by Ken Delbridge
NFC 1pc 11wt 370  David Janes  05/11/2024 07:44PM 
Last Post by David Janes
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