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Posted by: John Kreeger (---.dhcp.missouri.edu)
Date: June 14, 2001 04:04PM

You retailers need to convince Lamiglass to have a brief price reduction of the their Perigee and titanium IM700 blanks. I think if you can coax (bait?) people to try these extremely nice blanks, they will be back for more.

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Re: Lamiglass
Posted by: Mike (---.nortelnetworks.com)
Date: June 14, 2001 04:12PM


I agree with you. I have recently tried a Lamiglass blem offered from Mudhole tackle. Extremely nice blank. But no way would I recommend a IM700 blank to my customers. It is very hard for me to recommend any blank that does not advertise their blank weights, especially at those prices!

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Re: Lamiglass
Posted by: Tom Kirkman (---.dialinx.net)
Date: June 14, 2001 05:43PM

Lamiglas really doesn't need to drop the prices on their Perigree series - they're more than worth the money as they are.

What rod builders need to realize about them, is that no one can buy these blanks in a finished rod from a commercial producer. That means if a fisherman wants one, he has to get it from a custom builder.

Those of you who are looking for a way to offer something where you don't have to compete against the same rod from a large manufacturer should look at these.

And Lamiglas isn't the only firm that offers blanks that can't be had as finished rods. AMTAK and RainShadow also come to mind. This type of thing can be a potent weapon in your custom rod building arsenal.


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Re: Lamiglass Perigee
Posted by: Bob McKamey (---.infoave.net)
Date: June 14, 2001 06:13PM

As Tom K. stated, the Perigee is one of finest series of blanks on the market and is "Only Available to Custom Builders". We do need to figure a way to promote them better, as folks are missing the boat, on these blanks. There are fly, spinning, casting, steelhead, salt, surf and crankin blanks. A bit of info for you fly folks that have never tried one. They are as easy and pleasant rod to cast, as you will find. Not too fast and not too moderate, just a good medium action rod that casts and performs great, with easy/effortless casting stroke. The 3 pc. models are a tad faster than the 2 pc. models. We have carried them here, at Custom Tackle Supply, since they came out and have received great response from those that have purchased this fine series of blanks. I must say, that they are a sleeper, that folks need to wake up to!! Let us know if you would like to try one. You can contact us at 931-684-6164.
Bob McK -- Custom Tackle Supply

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Re: Lamiglass Perigee
Posted by: Billy 40 (---.colsonservices.com)
Date: June 14, 2001 06:55PM

I do own a Perigee Saltwater blank PLB841L (discontinued now). I liked this rod until I learned about the spiral wrap (I wrapped the Perigee "conventional" style). My question is this: how do these blanks differ from other Lamiglas blanks, such as the Certified Pro. I'm not talking fly here, but Bass/Inshore saltwater.

Unfortunately am not as experianced as others and do not know what to look for when it comes to selecting one type of graphite blank over another. I honestly bought the blank because I know no one else would own a factory rod like it, and because it was green and metallic gold.

What I am looking for would be a reason to give a potential customer as to why they should select this blank over a similar blank, besides the color. As I said, I do like the rod, I just need to re-wrap it with spiral guide placement. Thank you, Billy

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Re: Lamiglass Perigee
Posted by: Todd (---.vanc7.pacifier.com)
Date: June 14, 2001 07:09PM

You missed it John, last year about this time we gave the distributors and retailers a decent discount on these and some of our other blanks. Unfortunately many of you did not take advantage of it as I think most had their minds on fishing not building.
Also, the weights are available on our blanks, we just do not list them, I'm not quite sure why but I often get customers calling and inquiring. If you are really curious though we list the coinciding rod weights.

Thanks for your inquiry, Todd

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Re: Lamiglass Perigee
Posted by: Bob Petti (---.stny.rr.com)
Date: June 14, 2001 07:55PM

More nice things to say about Perigee blanks.



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Re: Lamiglass Perigee
Posted by: John Kreeger (---.dhcp.missouri.edu)
Date: June 15, 2001 08:42AM

Todd is right, I do recall there being a special on these and yes, I did not take advantage at the time. But it may be time to try it again in some fashion. Tom Kirkman is right in that the regular price is extremely reasonable, but my thoughts were that the more custom builders would try these, the more they would view their merit. The more of these that are built, the more they would be in fisherman's hands. I am confident the end user would be the strongest sales proponent if we could simply get them out there in use.

The same can be said for the other "blank only" products that Tom mentioned. I know a lot of customers come to the builder with a blank already in mind and the customer usually gets what they want, but there are likely as many customers that don't really know what they want (with the exception of perhaps a certain action or certain use) and these "blank only" opportunities is what I would promote. Putting myself in the customer's shoes, I think I would take a little more pride in knowing my custom made rod has no factory equivalent.

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Re: Lamiglass Perigee
Posted by: Mike (---.nortelnetworks.com)
Date: June 15, 2001 03:22PM

I agree, but, for me, I find it a very hard sales / promotion when most already have a Loomis or St. Croix blank in mind. Then in addition, it is a very difficult sale when comparing prices as well. I may not find a Loomis or St. Croix that exactly fits their needs and offer a Lamiglas, or others, that do fit their needs, and the response is always one of concern. I am not familiar with those, I know what I am getting when I buy a L or SC!

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Re: Lamiglass Perigee
Posted by: Don Morton (208.62.56.---)
Date: June 15, 2001 08:14PM

I have been building the perigee since they came out. They got my attention because they were so consistant, the spines were the same on a given series and many of the blanks have two 180 degree spines which allow the rod to flex forward and backward with no torque. The blanks utilize the spiral wrap extremely well and will produce a rod that has total stability. It is my go-to blank for most purposes.

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Re: Lamiglass Perigee
Posted by: Jim (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: June 15, 2001 08:47PM

I saw Tom's 8' 4/5 weight. Very light. Very crisp. Nice blank.

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