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Closed Wrap Gaps Uneven ?
Posted by: Steve Stolle (---.one-eleven.net)
Date: January 23, 2023 02:52PM


I am attempting to make a closed wrap butt wrap . I have an issue that I suspect is not uncommon . The pattern I am attempting is called a 4Diamond wrap. It is basically a small cluster of 4 diamonds with a thin cross wrap of black seperating each cluster crossing in the middle of the 4. The issue I am having is the gap in the middle of the wrap varies throughout the length of the wrap . IE RUNNING OUT OF ROOM FOR THREADS ! Also in some areas I have to much room for threads ,to wide. Could some of you please speculate what the issue could be using your own experience as a guide . I have tried to make my layout accurate and my centers are spot on so I am thinking its in the wrapping and packing stage of the wrap . Any insights would be appreciated as my patience for doing practice wraps is wearing thin .

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Re: Closed Wrap Gaps Uneven ?
Posted by: Tom Kirkman (Moderator)
Date: January 23, 2023 03:59PM

Here's the issue - the area between the centers becomes smaller and smaller as you move up the rod. The rod diameter decreases the further you go up the rod. Much of the time it is possible to burnish and spread the closing threads closer to the butt and squeeze and pack them closer to the top of the wrap and have everything work just fine. But on longer wraps and/or steep blank tapers, this may not work. In this case you would consider using a Taper Offset Layout for spacing the centers at an increasing distance as you move up the rod which makes space for the same number of threads between each center.

You have some options here- I used to do a lot of closed wraps and would just figure a ratio of circumference to length between centers. Just seemed the simplest way to do it for me. You can also figure out how many centers will fit in your planned wrap length and then on a piece of notebook paper plot the circumference on a line drawn vertically on the left. Put the circumference of the butt on the first line and the circumference of the tip-most center on the last line of however many centers you have. Connect the dots, so to speak and now you have a slanted line running to the right of your vertical line. Measure the distances between the two lines for each center and transfer them to the blank. What this does is compact the distance between centers near the butt and elongate them slightly towards the tip. You won't notice the slight difference in center lengths on the wrap but will provide the extra space you need to squeeze in those last few threads.

Or, you can visit the VisualWrap website which I believe has an online taper offset layout tool where you can just plug in some numbers and work from there.


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Re: Closed Wrap Gaps Uneven ?
Posted by: Steve Stolle (---.one-eleven.net)
Date: January 24, 2023 10:32AM

Tom thank you for the detailed reply your advice ,like your book , is top notch .I am using VisualWrap Software so I am confident in my spacing of CENTERS but after 3 failed attemps I think I need to layout more SUBCENTERS if that makes sense. I started out with diamonds and chevrons they are simple to layout , a cross line and you are there. My wrap is kinda broke down into symetrical quadrants. I see now I need to lay each quadrant out to achieve eye pleasing symetry. This should also help me keep my gaps more consistant (fingers crossed). This is a learning step for me the pattern I chose is not as simple to execute as I thought . Patience is key here I will get there just need to keep at it til I figure a system out that works for me. I see a lot of patterns I would love to try but they intimidate me hopefully this will be my stepping stone to them. This forum is a huge reference for me thank you all!

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