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kayak rod leashes
Posted by: Jay Weissler (---.hsd1.il.comcast.net)
Date: November 20, 2021 09:15AM


How do you set rods up with attachment points for leashes? Want to protect gear if a kayak tips over.

These will be lighter weight rods.

I'm mostly looking at spinning set ups but also interested in casting rods.

My preference is to have the leash attach at the rod with a clip as opposed to being a fixed attachment but interested in all ideas.

As always - thank you for your advice


Re: kayak rod leashes
Posted by: Michael Danek (---.alma.mi.frontiernet.net)
Date: November 20, 2021 10:50AM

Do an internet search for "kayak rod leashes" for a starter.

The magazine had an article on this subject, will try to find it. Maybe someone else already knows where it was.

I think a simple ring embedded into the butt of the rod is all you need for the rod, and there are many options for leashes which have snaps on the ends.

There is also the flotation device which inflates when exposed to water to float the rod if it gets dunked.

Re: kayak rod leashes
Posted by: Zachary guyach (---)
Date: November 20, 2021 11:17AM

I tie 550 or slightly smaller cord around a spinning reel foot. Usually you need pliers to untie it but you don't have to deal with a bulky clip

Re: kayak rod leashes
Posted by: Michael Danek (---.alma.mi.frontiernet.net)
Date: November 20, 2021 11:22AM

Volume 20, Issure 1

Suggests Kevlar braid loop, attached in a number of ways, looks better than a hard ring at the butt.

Lots of leashes available on line, do the search.

Re: kayak rod leashes
Posted by: Robert A. Guist (---.res6.spectrum.com)
Date: November 20, 2021 11:57AM

Hello All.

Michael there two that I know of:
V/I - Name - Author - Pg.
13/2 Leash Points, Soft Attachment for Kayak Rods. By Tom Kirkman. 16
20/1 Kayak Rods, Your Specialty? 22

P.S. We also have thee:

V/I - Name - Author - Pg.
11/6 Rescue Device For Your Rod. By Tom Kirkman. 10
11/6 Rescue Device For Your Rod: The Rod RescueR. By Charlie Smoote. 15
18/2 Retrieval Device, An End To Lost Rods? The Boomerang Retrieval Device. 12
17/1 Retrieval Device: Rod Flotation; It's About Displacement! By Tom Kirkman. 22

Tight Wraps & Tighter Lines.


New Bern, NC.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 11/20/2021 12:01PM by Robert A. Guist.

Re: kayak rod leashes
Posted by: Lance Schreckenbach (---.lightspeed.hstntx.sbcglobal.net)
Date: November 20, 2021 12:31PM

This is what everybody uses around here. They are like training wheels, and after you get acclimated to your kayak and the likelihood of rolling it over is diminished you can take them off. When first starting or in rough water (especially the ocean) you will want to use them all the time.


Re: kayak rod leashes
Posted by: Spencer Phipps (---)
Date: November 20, 2021 01:36PM

Google Paco kayak rods for some ideas with pics. I use the graphite tube rear grip also because I use a rod holder, if nothing else for a third hand, or easy place to put a rod that removes slick and cleanly. First used them on my salmon rods, 14 inch grips come out so much easier with a graphite rear grip, no bite and fight under tension from heavy pulling gear be it weight, downrigger, or a fish.

Re: kayak rod leashes
Posted by: Robert Flowers (---.res6.spectrum.com)
Date: November 20, 2021 03:18PM

A magnetic fly fishing net cord has carabiners on a coiled cord, and a powerful maget that esures the carabiners together. It would make a dandy rod protector, if there is an attachment point for one of the caribiners, such as the teel foot, or a ring built into the rod handle. The magets would allow quick release if needed.

Tight Lies and frisky fish


Re: kayak rod leashes
Posted by: Jay Weissler (---.hsd1.il.comcast.net)
Date: November 22, 2021 01:15PM

Thank you all for the great advice.

Re: kayak rod leashes
Posted by: woody osborne (---.res.spectrum.com)
Date: December 02, 2021 05:42PM

i surely wish i'd had a leash on my rod and new Shimano DC150 reel b4 i let it get dragged overboard. thankfully i did get it fished out. a simple leash would have alleviated that.

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