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Pro Paste residue
Posted by: Mark W Morris (---)
Date: October 16, 2020 02:28PM

I tried Pro Paste for the 1st time and I like the product. I got some residual (fingerprint) epoxy on the blank and alcohol doesn't seem to remove it? Any thoughts on what to use that won't destroy the gloss finish of the blank?

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Re: Pro Paste residue
Posted by: roger wilson (---)
Date: October 17, 2020 01:28AM

You may be out of luck.

I suspect that anything that will take off the fingerprint - will also remove the finish from the rod blank.

The one thing that you could try is this:

Use a generous amount of masking tape to completely mask off the area around the finger print. Then, you can try some fine grit paper like 1200 - and it MAY remove the fingerprint - without bothering the finish too much.

However, one thing that does work is to simply put a thread wrap in the area of the fingerprint to cover the finger print completely.

If you use matching thread, you can actually make it a bit of decorative trim on the rod blank.

I had a similar mishap some years ago, and used the thread wrap to cover the issue and it simply blended into the rod blank and I never found it objectionable at all.

Another thing that you can do - depending on the severity of the finger print is to simply do an application of finish in the area to make it look like a thread wrap - but - with no thread on the rod.

For the future use of epoxy of any sort.
After application and gluing something up, be very diligent for the first 30 minutes, constantly looking for any sign of epoxy oozing from the joint. If so, be Johnny on the spot and use Denatured Alcohol to quickly remove it, before the epoxy has cured. Once cured - it is nearly impossible to remove without removing the finish under the epoxy.

Especially, if the finger print is on the back side of the rod, when the rod is being used; it might be wise to simply ignore the fingerprint. You will know that the print is on the blank, but unless you tell someone else, no one will notice it.

Best wishes.

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Re: Pro Paste residue
Posted by: Mark W Morris (---)
Date: October 17, 2020 12:53PM

Good input Roger thanks!

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Re: Pro Paste residue
Posted by: Michael Sutheimer (---.wi.res.rr.com)
Date: October 18, 2020 03:51AM

I have on some rods used Flitz Polish with some success. Try in a small hidden area first to see how it affects finish. I never tried to remove a epoxy mark. Just tried to buff it to blend it in. Nearly impossible to remove it 100 percent. But you can usually blend it enough that you have to know what to look for and hold it a certain way to see the blemish. Other slightly more aggressive option yet still gentle is a pencil eraser. Great gentle option for buffing most anything. Again try it first in a unnoticeable area. Don't try and get it perfect just try and blend it.

As recommended in the future be ready for cleanup. I have multiple rags soaked with alcohol and dry ones at the ready when I do my glue up. I will clean up the area adjacent to the glue up. Then I wipe down the entire blank. Amazing where you end up with a spot of epoxy sometimes. I then set things down for a bit then I go back and inspect it again an wipe if needed. Couple extra minutes can save a lot of headaches.

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