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Metallic thread
Posted by: darrel odland (---.lightspeed.frokca.sbcglobal.net)
Date: March 06, 2019 05:22PM

Fellow builders, I'm using 100% metallic thread on my latest build. What is you take on the use of color preserver. Should i use it, or go with just epoxy?

Re: Metallic thread
Posted by: Michael Danek (---.alma.mi.frontiernet.net)
Date: March 06, 2019 06:06PM

No need for CP on metallic, exc maybe for the pearl metallic Pro Wrap which does go a little translucent.

Re: Metallic thread
Posted by: ben belote (---.zoominternet.net)
Date: March 06, 2019 07:14PM

it sure is good at displacing the air so that you only need one coat of epoxy..thick or thin..

Re: Metallic thread
Posted by: Lynn Behler (---.97.252.156.res-cmts.leh.ptd.net)
Date: March 07, 2019 04:24PM

Gudebrod pearl also tends to go translucent. Also Custom Builder from Dale Clemens. (which very likely was Gudebrod)

Re: Metallic thread
Posted by: Bob Ginther (162.245.181.---)
Date: March 09, 2019 11:03AM

I am confused. I thought the metallic thread was for decorative purposes only, not for the structural guide wraps?

Re: Metallic thread
Posted by: roger wilson (---.hsd1.mn.comcast.net)
Date: March 09, 2019 11:29AM

I personally have no idea why one would want a rod built with only metallic thread. I absolutely do not like the look.

But, this is a great big world and taste and appearance is in the eye of the beholder. So, if you like the look, then by all means wrap with only metallic thread.

Always the choice of the builder and or the builder and client if building a rod for someone other than one's self.

Be safe

Re: Metallic thread
Posted by: Michael Danek (192.183.61.---)
Date: March 09, 2019 04:58PM

Metallics are mostly used for decorative work, but no reason why they cannot be used for full wraps. I like them used sparingly and think they look classier that way. Narrow bands or single or double thread accents. But as Roger said, not all have the same tastes. That's good, less boring than if we all liked the same stuff.

Re: Metallic thread
Posted by: darrel odland (---.lightspeed.frokca.sbcglobal.net)
Date: March 10, 2019 05:23PM

Thanks to all for responding with advice on epoxy coating, and you others for your opinions.
"bent rods to ya"

Re: Metallic thread
Posted by: Anthony Unger (---.15.236.249.res-cmts.ovr.ptd.net)
Date: March 11, 2019 05:17AM

I seem to recall metallic thread traps air under epoxy, and the use of color preserver increases the bubbles... I may be thinking about gas off from permagloss and bubble release...
In any case...
I do not use perserver on metallic threads, 1 coat of epoxy does the trick.. Since the metallic thread is twisted using a metal tinsel, it stays opaque.. I havent had any experiece with the pearl lynn speaks of..

As for structural use, standard wrapping thread had a higher tinsel strength within the same size rating, but its nominal for standard applications.. I think the only time its a concern structurally, is on heavy salt rods, where strength is a major factor... Again, i could be wrong.. I use metallics for decoration, and havent made a rod the requires such load ratings.. Honestly i think a good epoxy job is more important then the tinsel thrength of your thread..

To answer your question mkre directly though... No need for preserver in most applications using metallics.. Although metallics do fade... So it cant hurt..

Re: Metallic thread
Posted by: Rick Sankey (---.dsl.netins.net)
Date: March 19, 2019 06:20PM

I've built many UL - ML rods using only Metallic Thread. I love the look and have not had any problem with any of the poles I use or built for friends. As a matter of fact last fall I landed a 42" Muskie on a 6'6" UL - 6 lbs test with no problem. I never horse them but let them run and reel em back

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