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Volume 2 - #4
Posted by: Tom Kirkman (---.tnt3.winston-salem.nc.da.uu.net)
Date: November 18, 2001 04:31PM

..of RodMaker is nearly sold out. I have less than 25 copies left. Once it's gone there will be no more. It is still listed on the website (www.rodmakermagazine.com) for those who are interested.

It contained the following topics:

Special Rod Building Tips and Tricks Section
Finding the Spine
What Is Rod Spine?
Insurance for the Rod Builder
Custom Power Wrap Lathe Test and Review
The Double Alternating Butt Wrap
New Products
Rod Building News
Photo Gallery
Reader Tips
Q&A Column
and a bit more.

It was a pretty good issue but will not last more than a couple weeks now. Wish we had more.


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Re: Volume 2 - #4
Posted by: Kevin (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: November 18, 2001 07:41PM

I ordered a full set of back issues and got that one in the mix. To be honest, I felt it took a little too much time for them to get to me. Almost two weeks between the time I ordered them and they arrived. Guess I was just anxious. Anyway I think they could have arrived more quickly given that I did spent over $100 on the set. The postmark indicated they had not been mailed until 5 days after I ordered them.

Anyway, I sort of stopped looking for them in the past few days and lo and behold they were waiting on me when I got home Saturday. I spent a few hours last evening skimming through them and most of today getting down to reading them. I own every rod building book ever written on the subject and this set of back issues has 100 times the information on rod building as all those books put together. Some of it doesn't seem much use to me right now but I am working on an index and will have it if I ever need it. Then there's lots of stuff I can put to immediate use. The Q&A section is really priceless by itself. The money was well spent and this is my rod building library now. I feel it is very complete and will add all future issues to it.

You should offer some sort of binders with the Rodmaker logo on it and have them for each volume. Would be a nice touch.

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Posted by: Tom Kirkman (---.dialinx.net)
Date: November 19, 2001 12:02PM

I apologize that your issues did not arrive in as timely a fashion as you would have liked. They were sent by 1st class priority mail, as are all RodMaker back issue orders. They should have arrived in 3 days from the date of mailing, but that is not always the case.

Yes, it took me several days to get them in the mail. I offer no excuses but will mention that I get a dozen new subscriptions per day and about that many more orders for back issues each day as well. In addition, I have to answer as many as 100 emails each day, answer numerous phone calls and letters and still find time to work on the magazine a little bit. In between I have to make trips to the bank, post office, office supply store, etc. And on occasion, I peek in here and see if I can help anyone with anything. RodMaker has no staff - only me. Again, this isn't meant as an excuse, just an explanation why your issues did not go out the very same day the order was received.

I am happy they did arrive in good shape and that you enjoyed them. They will provide the very best means of reference for you in the future. I am looking into offering binders of some sort and will offer them via the website as soon as I have time to run down a supplier. Thank you for the suggestion, it is appreciated.


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Re: Explanation
Posted by: Harry (---.3g.quik.com)
Date: November 19, 2001 02:42PM


I think I can speak for most of us in saying that no one in any way can be dis-satisfied with the service you offer. Kevin seemed to explain his own concerns with his statement about being anxious. I know the feeling. I look forward to every issue.

I know I've said it before, but I appreciate all you do to make rodbuilding more enjoyable and more profitable for all those involved.


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Re: Explanation
Posted by: Kevin (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: November 19, 2001 09:25PM

Oh I understand with all you have to do that it can take a few days to get it out. I was unaware that you did not have more people to do all this. I was just expecting it a bit quicker. No harm done. I got them and have been reading little by little. Great stuff.

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