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4 months ago
Christian Fritz
Hey all, I'm wondering if decorative wraps on graphite fly rod blanks will have a huge effect on the performance of blank? I recently built a 10'6 Sage ESN for myself and I managed to scratch the bejeezus out of the blank just above where the grip ends and decided to cover it up with a 6" ish cross wrap design. Just wondering if I messed up the action? Thanks! Chris
Forum: rodboard
8 months ago
Christian Fritz
Yes, 3/8th like their grips.
Forum: rodboard
8 months ago
Christian Fritz
I purchased foam cores from NFC to build my own CF grips, but the ID of the foam core is a little bit too big for the rod blanks I"m building on. Any thoughts on how I can arbor the blank without tape? I'm building a euro nymphing rod, so sensitivity is incredibly important (and one reason why I'm using CF grips!), and I fear adding tape arbors would dampen the sensitivity. Thanks!
Forum: rodboard
1 year ago
Christian Fritz
Thanks for all the thoughts guys!
Forum: rodboard
1 year ago
Christian Fritz
So...there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info on different SHAPES of rod grips and WHY and WHEN we use them. I mean, half wells/cigar for sub 6 weight, 6 weight in above full wells. Why is that? What is the benefit to each? Are there other shapes to consider when doing custom grips? How do you properly size grips to a person? So many questions!
Forum: rodboard
1 year ago
Christian Fritz
Hey all, I'm looking for a 10-10.6' 2wt blank for a euro nymphing rod. I'd really like a graphene blank similar to the Epic 4wt I just built, but can't find anyone that sells long 2 or 3 wt blanks. Any ideas where I can get a very lightweight, thin, high end blank? I think Vision has rods like what I want, but I just want the blank so I can build my own. Thanks!
Forum: rodboard
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