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RodMaker Magazine Question
Posted by: Tony Vieson (216.73.160.---)
Date: December 16, 2022 04:47PM

I see post that refer back to specific volumes and articles. I'm considering getting a subscription. Does the magazine rehash or perhaps even update original articles to more modern and still available products or improvements on techniques, or is it best to just shop based on older articles and past volumes. I have no interest in building Surf/Ocean rods or Fly Fishing rods. It's not that I don't value these types of rods, it's more that it's a type of build that wouldn't be used in my region. It's at minimum a 16hr drive before hitting an ocean that you would use a Surf/Ocean style rod. Cat fish is really the biggest fish your going to hit in my region. In a nutshell, 90% of what is used in my area or that I would use personally is going to be an inshore rod. There is some fly fishing around here, but it's very sparse and something I personally feel you need to do yourself and be familiar with if your going to try and make a rod that suites it.

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Re: RodMaker Magazine Question
Posted by: Robert A. Guist (---.res6.spectrum.com)
Date: December 16, 2022 05:30PM

Hello Tony.

The link for RodMaker is to the left in the sponsors list, and yes Tom and his crew update articles if they are needed, but most do not usually need an update.

Tom has a lot (v2 thru v9 & v10 thru v12) on CD's or you can buy the back issues that he has, but most of the oldest are out of print.

I have a copy of all the CD's and a copy of all the issues that are available to me (I used to have all but a couple of the v1's, but Florence took care of that, so I am still rebuilding my collection, there are 24 issues I no longer have though all but eight of those are to be found in the CD's that I still have.

Yes I have a subscription also.

Tight Wraps & Tighter Lines.


New Bern, NC.

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Re: RodMaker Magazine Question
Posted by: Tom Kirkman (Moderator)
Date: December 16, 2022 08:57PM

Each new issue contains new articles. Most of the innovations in the custom rod building world have come from articles in RodMaker over the past 25 years. They continue to appear there. Older articles are updated as needed.

RodMaker covers all types of rods, all types of techniques, all types of everything rod building. Things that many rod builders see and think are new, actually appeared in the magazine a decade or more ago. If you want to see what rods will look like 5 years from now, get a subscription and see the future, now.


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Re: RodMaker Magazine Question
Posted by: Mike Ballard (---.ip-167-114-11.net)
Date: December 16, 2022 09:50PM

Tony- if you want to know how relevant Rodmaker mag is, think about the current trends in things like carbon fiber grips and micro guide rods..... these things were first unveiled to the rod building public in the magazine TWENTY YEARS ago! That is how far ahead the magazine has been and still is. The step by step instructions are well written and photographed. It is a very high quality publication. I am not saying this just because they have published a few of my articles...... the magazine really has changed the rod building world over the past twenty or twenty five years. Business and historical articles too. If you enjoy rod building you will enjoy it.

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Re: RodMaker Magazine Question
Posted by: Tony Vieson (216.73.160.---)
Date: December 17, 2022 01:24PM

I'm not necessarily questioning the validity of the magazine, but trying to see if it's a magazine that you pay a subscription for that repackages things as new, but there rehashing articles that are several years old. For those who have kids, the Zoo magazine is a good example of that. Now that's not to say I didn't like the subscription, but because of the way the magazine was done. I didn't feel like I had to go back and try and find or locate old issues to try and get a particular article I really wanted or perhaps needed. The article would essential be redone/updated with more current photos information in a later issue.

Now some may see that as a rip off, but depending on what it is or even the age of the article. It can also be seen as a breath of fresh air or the what was old is new again type of scenario. Then of course there is the progress of technology. I have seen some very good tutorials that were shot with an old camera, bad lighting, pour camera angle, or maybe the camera lost focus at a key moment. The point being that, for one reason or another. There could be a benefit of redoing/updating the article. The old picture speaks a thousand words. The knowledge and education you could achieve from re-doing the article could be extremely beneficial. There is a reason some sports teams best place to start sometimes is going back to basics. Last and I am sure this may hit home on some items more than others is product availability. I have seen the thread topic come up several times on this message board. What was once a good thread is no longer because maybe they got bought by somebody who is more interested in profit than a good product. Perhaps a particular item is exclusively made by a mom and papa type company and they have decided to retire and don't have somebody to pass product/company off to.

I hope I'm not offending anybody with my questions. Like I said, I'm not trying to demean the Magazine at all. I'm a buy it once type of person. I research things to an extreme so as to be as satisfied as possible with my purchase and I take care of things I buy. I'm the person who gets @#$%& off when he hears the phrase. Don't worry, you can always replace it. Not all things can be replaced and based on even the response I am seeing here. There is no getting the First Issue and Volume of this magazine again.

At any rate. Thank you for the feed back. As much as I want the CDs, I will have to find a way to view them. CD/DVD drives are almost none existent today. I would rather see them on a thumb drive at this point. I'm assuming the CDs are PDF versions of the original publishing.

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Re: RodMaker Magazine Question
Posted by: Tom Kirkman (Moderator)
Date: December 17, 2022 01:37PM


I understand where you're coming from. Most anything you see in RodMaker is new content and very often these are new techniques and methods that are being shown for the first time anywhere. Every so often I will re-publish an older article that needs updating with new information, or which ran so long ago that many of the newer subscribers have never seen it and would benefit from it. I'd suggest you go to the magazine website and order a few back issues. If you order 4 or more, they're only $5 each. From there I think your questions about the publication will be answered.


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Re: RodMaker Magazine Question
Posted by: Spencer Phipps (---)
Date: December 17, 2022 01:46PM

Tony, 90% of rod building has no real specific rod in mind, all have reel seats, guides, grips, correct distribution of load during use, guide selection, fit and finish, etc. the rest is bling, thinking outside the box to further design and performance, and I'm sure things my pea brain is missing. RodMaker magazine gives you the base to work from, and an excuse to try new things you would never have thought of, the fun stuff in rod building.

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