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Re: NFC MB or SJ
Posted by: Shawn Riebe (---.midco.net)
Date: November 11, 2020 08:06PM

David Baylor Wrote:
> Shawn, your outline of what the CCS numbers mean
> is correct. IP = intrinsic power. The numbers
> Norman and I gave are the number of grams it takes
> to deflect the blank 1/3 of it's total length.
> Let's say you have 7' rod held horizontal and
> level. 1/3 of 7' is 28" so you add weight hanging
> from the tip, until the tip is 28" below where the
> tip was when the entire rod was horizontal.
> You are also right about the HM versus IM. I would
> say the IM blanks are more durable. And like you,
> I take care of my rods in that I don't drop them
> or treat them roughly, but when it comes to
> landing and horsing fish, I some times put them in
> some at times, dicey predicaments. In other words,
> I boat flip fish. Of course there is a right way
> and a wrong way to boat flip a fish, but some
> times a fish does something you don't expect and
> your rod gets put in jeopardy. I've boat flipped 4
> lb largemouth with the rod built on the MB 709 and
> never once felt I was in danger of breaking it. I
> wouldn't even consider doing that with the rods I
> have built on the MB 736 (or SJ 736 whichever it
> is)
> Anyhow, I've yet to build on a straight HM blank
> from NFC, but as mentioned I don't find the
> sensitivity of the IM blank all that far behind
> the X ray blanks I've built on.

David, thanks for validating my new education on CCS! Also, thanks for the info on gabbing more power in a 9 instead of the 5 or 6 for pitching. I hope to make these rods something that I really enjoy and a new hobby is born!!

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Re: NFC MB or SJ
Posted by: David Baylor (---)
Date: November 11, 2020 08:13PM

lol Thomas ..... you are exactly right about there being a right way and a wrong way to boat flip fish. And I have no doubts that it can be done on the rods you mentioned doing it with. As long as it's done right lol It's just not something I would make a practice of with my MB 736 X ray rods. Maybe it's because I have over $300 in costs for each of them lol

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Re: NFC MB or SJ
Posted by: Trevor Esparza (---.res.spectrum.com)
Date: November 15, 2020 11:05PM

Norman Miller Wrote:
> In case anyone is interested, I do have some CCS
> measurements for some of the NFC X-ray blanks and
> HM blanks that I made recently.
> MB 704 HM - intrinsic power (IP) is about 560 gm,
> and action angle (AA) is about 72 degrees
> MB 705 HM. - IP 635 gm and AA 75 degrees
> MB 736 X-ray- IP 725 gm and AA 71 degrees
> MB 765 X-ray Neo - IP 865 gm and AA 77 degrees
> SJ 703 X-ray - IP 343 gm and AA 73 degrees
> SJ 736 X-ray - IP 793 gm and AA 75 degrees
> Modern graphite blanks for the most part are not
> all that brittle they hold up quite well if not
> abused. If you want something that is very durable
> and supposedly almost unbreakable try the X-ray
> MB765 Neo.
> Norm

Im late to the party. I have the MB-733 @ an IP 570 and AA 83

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