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Re: Point Blank question
Posted by: Norman Miller (---.lightspeed.jcsnms.sbcglobal.net)
Date: November 08, 2017 02:18PM

Thomas I know you are not a big fan of Point Blanks and prefer to use other blank brands, which is fine. But to answer your question I do believe the previously advertised PB CCS numbers are accurate. I have personally measured the intrinsic power for several of Point Blanks and they where very close to those advertised. So I have no reason to doubt their data. I have not specifically measured the PB761MHF, but I feel confident that it will also be quite close to the advertised intrinsic power number of 910 gm. The PB73MHXF has a power rating of 827 gm and I have no reason to doubt this number since my measurements where quite close on this blank. The PBs have very fast actions and because of this the tips seem light, but the blank picks up power quite rapidly and takes a fair amount of weight to deflect the blank futher to 1/3 of is length. This very fast tip effect may be what makes you think the rod is under powered compared to what is advertised. I have also measured a couple of NFC blanks and the numbers I got were also pretty close to those previously advertised by NFC. Although I have not measured the following NFC blanks, i am giving them for comparison purposes. The NFC IM-MB739-1 is listed as heavy and has an advertised intrinsic power of 926 gm., The IM-Flip769-1 is listed as MagH but has an advertised intrinsic power of 820 gm. If anything the NFC blanks may be under powered for what is advertised. It now appears that the CCS intrinsic power numbers are no longer listed for either PB or NFC. These CCS numbers are coming from Gib Portwoods excel data base. [onedrive.live.com] Hope this helps.

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Re: Point Blank question
Posted by: Thomas Kaufmann (---.direcway.com)
Date: November 08, 2017 03:50PM

Good afternoon Norm,

Thank you for taking the time to address my question. It is not that I am not a big fan of the blank, it is how a situation that I had was handled and that is honestly what has put me off about the product, however I don't feel this is the proper place to discuss in entirety what happened in my case. I will share what I do think is relevant though.

I bought the 731MHF, which I have also seen listed as a 731MHXF for a deeper water wobble head rod. It was to be used primarily for wobble heads in the 1/2 to 3/4 ounce range along with my trailer as well, to be fished in 10-25 feet of water. Upon completion I took the rod out to fish, I love how well the blank balances out once built and was again impressed that an import blank was as straight as the model I received. It is indeed very light for its length and I was very hopeful that I had found "the one" for my purpose. Once on the water I put my bait into action and something just didn't feel right. The rod consistently felt as though it was being completely overloaded past it's advertised rating which is listed by numerous retailers at 1.25oz. I picked up my normal wobble head rod with exact same bait (I cut it off the point blank and retired to the normal contender) and all felt right. I re-tied to the point blank and tried again, same thing. It simply would not move the bait until the tip would load up and the bait would slingshot off the bottom, not what you want a wobble head to do. I decided to try another lighter bait and it was as though someone had flipped the switch and the blank came alive. All felt right and I was able to effectively work what I was throwing (verified at 5/8oz on my digital scale). I decided to call Anglers Resource to discuss my problem. I was told they would send me another blank for more $ all be it at a reduced cost of retail(I am not retail by the way). I got the blank and it was the same identical blank as the first rod with a 4.5mm tip not the 5mm as advertised (yes I know numbers can easily be incorrectly published) along with a smaller butt diameter than advertised. Don't have exact number as it is in another location at the moment. it also came with a sticker stating it was only good for 8-14 mono and 1/4-3/4 ounce lure range, as did the first blank NOT what I had tried to purchase. The 731MHF was and continues to be listed as 12-20lb 1/2-1.25(Mudhole, Get Bit and Janns Netcraft) I called Resource and was told they would build up a blank and have their "pro's" verify my complaint. They called a couple weeks later and confirmed my experience that the blank was not rated correctly as listed by their retailers. During this discussion with Anglers Resource I was told the blank I wanted to purchase (the 731MHF rated to throw lures up to 1.25 ounces as listed by their retailer) didn't exist and the model I purchased (twice I might add) was only good for 3/4 of an ounce. There was no offer of any compensation for selling a product they did now have either!! So long story short when you look at the resource catalog it says one thing yet all of their retailers say another, the blanks are good, however; I don't feel they are represented correctly I don't believe in the company and that is why I have chosen to move on. There is much more to this saga than has been posted and I will not post names and other issues but this is just my experience. In the blanks defense it did catch a 35lb drum while a friend of mine used it for bass fishing and it handled it very easily, so it does have plenty of reserve power in the butt. It does make for a good dock skipping rod as well.

In regards to the NFC blanks, I too feel as you do regarding their power, the HMMB705 are supposed to be cloned of the old 843's. They missed that mark by a longshot, beautiful blanks and the best of sensitivity that I have built on recently, IMO. I know sensitivity is subjective but they are tops of what I have built followed identically by the new Eternity 2's, but honestly I feel they are simply rebadged from NFC any way, but that is my opinion alone. Regarding the HMMB705, I would but it between the old Loomis MB842 and MB843 with significantly less blank weight and much more sensitivity. I also have their HM MB 709 and FLIP 766 both of which I feel are rated over what they are although the 766 is pretty close.

I will say that I have always gotten what I have ordered (as represented by the company) from Batson, St. Croix and even Pac Bay. Probably why my last order of blanks are only Batson and Croix.

I hope that this hasn't come across as having an agenda or trying to bash a product or company because that is simply not the case.

Thanks again for your help and best of luck fishing.
Take care,
Tom Kaufmann

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Re: Point Blank question
Posted by: Norman Miller (---.lightspeed.jcsnms.sbcglobal.net)
Date: November 08, 2017 07:26PM

Thomas, I can certainly understand how having a poor customer service experience can leave a sour taste and turn you off of using their products. For me It has been the opposite experience. I talked to a Point Blank representitive a couple of years ago about the type of rod I was looking for and I bought what he suggested. It performed well above my expectations. In fact I was so happy with it’s performance I have built several other models for my personal use, and have not been disappointed with any of them. I also have built rods using NFC HM and IM , Rainshadow Eternity, St Croix V, and RodGeeks C4 blanks all are excellent rods, but I prefer the overall feel of the PBs. This is strictly my personal opinion, knowing very well that others I have built rods for have differing opinions. This is one of things that make a custom rod custom.

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