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Rod Maker Magazine does it again
Posted by: Tom McNamara (---.24.97.oviedo.cfl.rr.com)
Date: September 26, 2001 12:44AM

Advertising in Rod Maker has its’ benefits besides the obvious (best CPM rates, great ad response, targeted market, quality publication) the biggest benefit is getting your copy of Rod Maker first! I just got the next issue today, my anticipation built up as I tore off the cover wrapper – I was greeted with an incredible cover photo that was followed by in depth stories with more information than my brain could handle. Needless to say I read it cover to cover as soon as I opened it and I’m re-reading it again tonight!

My hat is off to Tom Kirkman again – this issue is awesome! Tom, you keep making the magazine better when others would have settled for less. The new heavier cover stock is great. People who are not advertising in your publication or subscribing to it are missing the boat when it comes to reaching the rod building market and receiving the latest rod building information. Keep up the great work and service you are doing for the rod building community. My comments are unsolicited; I just wanted to publicly say thanks from a satisfied advertiser and subscriber.

Tom McNamara
Mud Hole Custom Tackle
Phone: (407) 277-0099

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Re: Rod Maker Magazine does it again
Posted by: Fred (---.noc-1.net-outremer.nc)
Date: September 26, 2001 02:08AM

Thank you Tom.
The waiting will be much longer now I know what I am missing.
But no worries, the longer the better.

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Re: Rod Maker Magazine does it again
Posted by: Mark Schulte (---.tnt1.valparaiso.in.da.uu.net)
Date: September 26, 2001 02:18AM

Even though I am new to Rod building I have found Rod Maker a real treat. I purchased Toms rod building book and read it cover to cover and use it a sort of a Service manual now and look into my past issues ( and soon to be in the mailbox issues) of RodMaker as sort of "Updates" on the how to's and What's What in the realm of Rod Building. I am so looking forward to a future in rod building and all I can learn from all of you on these boards and hope to see some of you in Nashville in January. I really have the itch now.
Thanks as usual to all who offer guidance and support to those of us who like to absorb it all.
Mark Schulte
Proud to be American

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I'm with FRed
Posted by: Billy 40 (---.dynamic.ziplink.net)
Date: September 26, 2001 09:29AM

Was it really neccesary to rub it in that you get your copy first!!! LOL. Now, not only will I stalk the UPS man, I'll check every 10 minutes for the mailman!!


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Re: I'm with FRed
Posted by: John Britt (---.tampabay.rr.com)
Date: September 26, 2001 09:40AM

I guess now I will have to drive over and visit Tom to read his copy,I think my mailman borrows mine before I get a chance to see it.I would ask Tom K to have mine delivered in a plain brown wrapper but that would only increase his excitement.

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Good news and bad news
Posted by: Tom Kirkman (---.dialinx.net)
Date: September 26, 2001 09:42AM

I appreciate the nice comments on the magazine. I continue to try and make it better with each and every issue so that it will be a better value for our readers at no increase in price.

Now for the bad news - the regular mailing doesn't take place until October 1 and is scheduled to be delivered to subscribers during the last week of October. (The advertisers get an advanced copy.) So those of you who read this still have a few weeks to wait. I hope it will be worth it for you.


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Re: Good news and bad news
Posted by: jeff nail (---.unitelc.com)
Date: September 26, 2001 02:04PM

stop! up here in butt-scratch minnessota it could be 2 more weeks before I get my copy!

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long wait.
Posted by: Rich Garbowski (---.voyageur.ca)
Date: September 26, 2001 03:44PM

You are all a big tease. I'm at the top of the world here in Canada and the wait is agonizing for the next issue.
You just had to rub it in, eh? Waiting patiently for the next issue. Well,
I'll just have to be behind even the butt-scratch minnesota wait, but I am sure as all other issues, will be well worth the anticipation.

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Re: long wait.
Posted by: Dwayne Rye (---.wff.nasa.gov)
Date: September 26, 2001 05:44PM

As for Minessota, thats wair I com from. "PSSS" - yu speld Minessota rong.

(Please excuss the pun Jeff, Couldn't resist poking another Minnesotan :)) Hope to meet you some time!

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No wait
Posted by: Russell (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: September 26, 2001 08:07PM

I do not understand the long wait deal. If you get it late in the month, every month, then it is still spread out the same number of days. I usually get mine about the 20th of each month and the ad telling when each issue is due clearly says the 30th of each even numbered month. Looks like October 30 is when the #5 issue is due. Maybe I missed something here? Didn't we just get an issue back around the end of August? That means for a bimonthly it would be 2 more months before we would get another so the end of October would be about right.

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