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Before Listing - Please Read

This page is provided by Rodbuilding.Org on behalf of the rod building community. Rodbuilding.Org does not, however, endorse or vouch for anyone listing items here. Nor does Rodbuilding.org accept responsibility or liability for any transactions between buyers and sellers here.

Who May List - Any rod builder who is not engaged in the regular trade of selling or reselling rod building related products to the public.

Who May Not List - Any rod builder who is engaged, in any manner, any volume or any frequency, in the selling or reselling of rod building related products to the public.

Sponsors are asked to continue using the regular Rodbuilding.Org message board to announce products, sales or special offers.

Rod Builders wishing to list items for sale, swap or otherwise may do so at no charge. You must include your actual first and last name along with a valid email address. You are limited to one listing per month but may list as many items as you wish within the listing. Listings will be removed after they have reached the age of 30 days.

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